Square Head Bolt

DIN Square Head Bolt

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Shanghai Jinrui Norm Parts Supplies Co.,Ltd is one of the leading din square head bolt manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to buy din square head bolts, din standard square head bolt from our factory and company.

square head bolts were much common in industries since they offer minimum chance of wrench slippage while wrenching because of their square designed head.  

The square-headed style of these bolts gives them a rustic look which other hexagonal bolts don’t have.Square head bolts, as many other types of bolts, come in stainless steel.  Square head bolts are commonly used in garages to make some shelving. They can easily be fixed in using a wrench. Bolts are used by machine engineers to build or to repair industrial machinery of all kinds and sizes.  In fact, a square-headed bolt can also be fixed in using a pair of pliers instead of a wrench since it provides a good strong grip.