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Anti-theft nut production and manufacturing processes

Anti-theft nut of making process 1: first do nut; 2: in nut in wash good a slot; 3: began hot plating zinc; 4: put into spring, ball; 5: put into anti-pine cover; put bolt, and nut is mechanical tight firmware, using range is wide, General bolt nut is can using wrench twist pine of, but in electric industry, and railway, and oilfield, industry, based on work property, in field installation of workload than larger; while, and as Tower, and rail, and high-speed anti-pine cover; Highway guardrail, and transformer, equipment of installation are to by bolt to tight solid, Ordinary bolt because no security features, often loose on their own, or were some unruly elements easily disassembled, stole one of the important material and incalculable loss to the country, the market needs a anti-theft feature, simple structure, low cost mechanical fasteners.

The purpose of this utility is to provide a security nut and supporting tools, it applies to exposure of mechanical fastening of the facilities, with anti-back screen, anti-theft function, and use special tools for easy removal.

This real new of purpose is such achieved of a anti-theft nut, it including within layer ring 1, and outer ring 2, and pin 3, its features is, it by outer ring sets in within layer ring Shang, and PIN anchorage and into, outer ring and within layer ring of combined surface for cylindrical surface, within layer ring of within wall with thread, outer ring of outside wall for Prism shaped, within layer ring outside wall of cylindrical surface Shang open has concave ring slot 101, along concave ring slot in thread forward direction has a or more paragraph spiral concave slot 102, outer ring corresponds to Yu concave ring slot and the spiral concave slot, And perpendicular to the threaded shaft to open 1 or more holes 201, pin 3 into the hole to the ring groove and anchorage.

A by said of anti-theft nut of supporting tool, it including nut sets 4, and top into tube 5, and moved put 6, and small moved put 7, its features is by said of nut sets within wall has tie nut shape of card business slot 401, its side has opening 402, Qian, and Hou end open hole, Hou end open hole Shang has thread, nut sets Shang Ann has moved put 6, top into tube 5 outside wall has and nut sets Hou end open hole at of thread tie of thread, its front-end tube wall diameter is greater than nut within layer ring diameter, its tube wall od is less than nut within layer ring od, subsequently end has slot or hole , On a small move in the slot or hole.

The real novel has the following advantages and the positive effects of its structure more simple, only three simple parts, compatible with existing bolts Rod fastening method identical to the existing bolt, without increasing the workload, and easy to use. When you need to loosen the nut, use the tools to open, does not destroy the fastened parts, good applicability.