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Common Adverse Phenomena and Factors of Screw Grinding

In order to improve the use efficiency of the bolt, we will carry on the surface treatment to it, when the bolt surface is processed, it is easy to produce some bad phenomenon. In order to prevent the issues, Jinrui Fasteners lists the common bad phenomenon as below.

1) The processing of cracks: tooth plate and adjustment of the old poor.

2) Blunt tail: the machine is not properly adjusted, the tooth plate is too old.

3) Fire: two tooth plate spacing is too large, or feeding time is wrong.

4) Crooked tail: the control screw on the tooth plate seat is too tight.

5) Tail: tooth plate wear machine and improper.

6) Asan is not enough: improper adjustment machine.

7) Not to rub the tip of the tail year-end party.

8) Crooked rod: correction block is not good.

9) The bottom of the teeth is rough: the distance between the teeth is not good.