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Common Fastener Materials

Three kinds of common fastener materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, copper.

1) carbon steel: carbon content  is used for telling different kinds of steels, like carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel and alloy steel.

1, low carbon steel C% ≤ 0.25%, Chinese steel is commonly known as A3 steel. Foreign basic known as 1008, 1015, 1018, 1022, etc. Mainly used for 4.8 grade bolts and 4 grade nuts, small screws and other non hardness requirements of the product. (Note: the drill pin is mainly used in 1022 materials. )
2, medium carbon steel 0.25% < C% ≤ 0.45%
3, high carbon steel C%>0.45%. Currently on the market has not been found.
4, alloy steel: plain carbon steel was added to the alloy element, the increase of some special properties of steel: such as 35, 40 chromium molybdenum, SCM435,10B38.

2) stainless steel grade: 45,50,60,70,80.

Mainly divided into austenite and martensite. Austenitic (18%Cr, 8%Ni) good heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, good welding performance. A1, A2, A4. Martensite, 13%Cr, corrosion resistance is poor, high strength, good wear resistance. C1, C2, C4 ferritic stainless steel. 18%Cr upsetting and better corrosion resistance than martensite. Currently on the market mainly imported materials from japan. According to the level of the main points SUS302, SUS304, SUS316.

3) brass and zinc copper alloy. The market is mainly used H62, H65, H68 copper standard parts.