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Customized service

Customized service means that we can design different mold for different new types fasteners. Especial for new large projects, new developed products or you do not know what kind of fasteners are OK to be used, engineers with more than 15 years experience from Shanghai Jinrui could advise you the best products. Shanghai Jinrui is very experienced in customizing products, such as bolt, nuts, screws, washers, or related hardware. 

1)what is customized bolt or nut? 

Customized fasteners are also named non-standard fasteners. It means that bolt or nut is designed for special or new usages. 

2)What information do we need for quoting ?

We need technical drawings, or detail dimensions,or samples of customized fasteners. Also need requirements of material, grade,finish, quantity.

3)Could you get samples of non-standard bolt or nut, or something else fasteners?

Yes, but for customized hardware, usually they need to make new mold, so you should pay mold charge if you need samples. 

We have a very good ability to develop new designed bolt or nut. So if you have new products and do know where you can get them, please feel free to inquiry. 

Drawings/detail dimensions/sampels

Material or grade




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