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Details Of American Standard Fastener


American bolt standard is not our common standard, but for many people in the industry is also very important. In order to help us more detailed understanding of the American bolt standard, the Chinese standard parts network according to the relevant information summary American bolt standard detailed explanation, for reference.


American bolt standard in the standard system is divided into many categories, there are American Standard ANSI, the US military standard MIL, the US standard ASME, etc., there are direct use of international standards ISO.


US-made bolts have two large-size standard, one metric, the second is British. For metric countries, the nominal size of the metric bolts is the same, such as metric common bolts are: M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M16 and so on.


China is the metric system of the country, so the size of the metric bolts of the United States can directly control the national standard (or ISO standard), just pay attention to some specific structural details, materials and mechanical properties of certain requirements are different.


US-made bolt standard and GB different point of difference is that their side and thickness, the other 1/2 of the specifications, the tooth diameter is not the same, the US system is 13 teeth, the British system is 12 teeth.
We usually in the business of the most commonly used standards are the following:


GB-China National Standard ANSI-American National Standard DIN-German National Standard (ASME) ASME-American Society of Mechanical Engineers Standard JIS-Japanese National Standard BSW-British National Standard GB-National Standard is one of the many standards in China, in addition to industry standards, professional standards and sector standards.


The national standard is divided into: GB (mandatory standards) and GB / T (recommended standards) and GBn (national internal standards). We usually see the like GB30, GB5783, etc. are mandatory standards.