Project Solutions

Sandard Analysis of All Aspects of Fastener Products

1. The fastener product size standards: specific provisions of basic dimensions of products; threaded products, including basic dimensions, screw thread winding, shoulder distance, slot and chamfer, thread end dimensions etc.

2. Standard for technical conditions of fasteners for standard parts. Specific and include the following aspects of the content of the standard:

A) Standard for product tolerances for fasteners - specific requirements for tolerances on dimensions and tolerances on form and position.

B) Fastener products mechanical performance standards: specific provisions on marking method of mechanical properties and mechanical properties of the level and the requirements of the project; some fastener products will be changed to the content of material properties of the product or performance aspects.

C) Standard for surface defects of fasteners: specific requirements for types of surface defects and specific requirements.

D) Standard for surface treatment of fastener products: specific requirements for product surface treatment types and specific requirements.

E) Standard for testing of fasteners: specific requirements for the various performance requirements of the test content.

3. Standard for acceptance inspection, marking and packaging of fasteners: specific requirements for product acceptance quality level and sampling plan, and product marking methods and packing requirements.

4. Standard for marking methods of fasteners: specific requirements for product integrity marking methods and simplified marking methods.

5. Other aspects of fasteners, such as the standard in terms of fasteners, fasteners, product weight, etc.