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High Strength Bolts And Ordinary Bolts Different Points

Usually high-strength bolts can bear greater load than ordinary bolts.

1)Ordinary bolt material is manufactured by Q235 (A3).

2)High strength bolts use material 45 # steel, alloy steel (such as 20MnTiB, 35VB) or other high-quality materials, made after the heat treatment, increased strength.

3)The difference between the two is the strength of different materials.

       The first point: from the raw materials:

      High strength bolts are made of high strength materials. The screw, nuts and washers matching high-strength bolts are made of high strength steel, commonly used 45 steel, 40 steel, 20 manganese titanium boron steel. Ordinary bolt commonly used Q235 steel manufacturing.

       The second point: from the strength level point of view:

      Commonly use grade 8.8 and grade 10.9 two intensity levels, of which the majority is grade 10.9. Ordinary bolt strength level should be low, generally  grade 4.6 & grade 4.8 & grade 5.6. (8.8S and 10.9S for the steel structure dedicated)