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High strength nut hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating after zinc, Dacromet difference

Good heat resistance of high strength nut Dacromet, galvanized layer above 70 degrees Celsius conditions, tiny cracks appear, at 200-300 change color under the conditions, corrosion resistance is also greatly reduced.

Dacromet anti corrosion curing temperature of 300 ° c, metallic CUO even longer under high temperature conditions, their appearance changed, thermal corrosion resistance is excellent.

And hot-dip galvanizing, no hydrogen brittleness. After the Dacromet treatment of metal parts, in the smallest gaps can form a film, corrosion-resistant coating with good deep, tubular parts is evenly coated, coupled with Dacromet solution is water soluble, so its permeability is very good. Junhe science and technology of Changzhou Dacromet coating equipment temperature can reach, product effects better. Powdered zinc is based on the hot-dip galvanizing of zinc, Dacromet, but powdered zinc is not good thermal stability of zinc, Dacromet plating