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How stud welding methods

Most of the high-rise buildings in the country are used to the load-bearing structure is nice studs. But in the course of using, hammering method is needed to reasonably judge the quality, but also by Visual inspection, it is vital, if there is any crack when they need to pay attention to, you need at least another Stud next to add.

How stud welding methods? This is an issue of interest to many friends, this comprehensive summary below:

In stud welding process, may wish to select turn on welder welding torch power, cylindrical studs above the gun. At end of circle will produced arc and so on, after short time Hou, will can achieved reinforcement, completely of achieved nail welding operation, and this method undoubtedly is will tied nail, and pressure type plate and steel component three who received in a of way, inside undoubtedly including has diameter, and nail head diameter, and welding Department diameter, and height, and RADIUS and so on, each items matters are need caused attention, each a details are should get concern, everyone best is caused attention!