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How The Stainless Steel Thread Galling Comes Into Being?

Stainless steel fasteners is known as stainless steel screws, often appears thread galling phenomenon attributed as follows:

1) there is no correct choice of products before you use to confirm whether the mechanical properties of the product can meet the demand. In addition, select the appropriate screw length to expose the nut tightened after one or two pitch from the subject.

2) coarse pitch pattern or a foreign body if there are other urgent weld metal debris caught between the pitch pattern, often lead to thread galling.

3) too hard or too fast locking is used wherever possible torque wrench or socket wrench, avoid the use of wrench or electric wrench, electric wrench because often leads to locked too fast, rapid temperature rise lock.

4) urging direction angle error nut must be perpendicular to the axis of the screw is screwed, do not tilt.

5) unused flat, spring washer can effectively prevent the use of locked tight problems.