Project Solutions

Key Points of Anchor Bolt

How to use the anchor bolts, the key point is knowing the fixed principle.

Anchor bolt fixation is the use of trapezoid inclination to expand greatly the friction, to get the fixed effect we want. Generally the expansion screws are used in iron and plastic, the method is based on expansion bolts to make corresponding holes, the expansion screw type in, then expansion screws can play a fixed role.

The side of the expansion screw is threaded, and the other side is provided with a taper.Outside of the expansion screw is covered with iron, and some of the expansion screw is covered with steel tubes, half of the iron cylinder cut, and then they are completely into the small hole in the wall, after the lock with the nut. Pull out the screw nut, the tapered side pull into the tin drum, when iron cylinder are expanded, can be very tight was set on the wall, the expansion screws are used in material barriers, bricks, cement and other air conditioning and so on. The expansion screw comprises a screw and an expansion tube, which are composed of a number of components. The lower end of the screw is a conical shape. The diameter of the cone is larger than that of the inner diameter of the expansion tube, when the nut is rotated, the screw is to move outward, and the function of the screw thread is moved to one side. Outside of the expansion tube formed a very large pressure, coupled with the friction will be able to play a fixed effect.