Project Solutions

Key Points of Anchor Bolt


    How to use expansion bolts, the key points to know its fixed principle, the expansion screw is fixed using the gradient of the gradient to make the expansion of a lot of friction, to achieve the desired fixed effect, we generally use the expansion screws Is divided into two kinds of iron and plastic, and its use is based on the expansion of the standard screw to make the corresponding holes, then the expansion screw into the expansion screws in the future will play a good fixation after the opening role. One side of the expansion screw is thread-shaped, the other side is with a taper.

      Expansion of the outer screw is wrapped in metal, and some expansion screws are wrapped with steel pipe, iron cylinders on the half of the incision, then they are completely into the wall before doing the hole, in use The nut is locked and the nut pulls the screw out of the way. Pull the tapered side into the iron cylinder, and when the metal cylinder is inflated, it can be tightly set on the wall. These expansion screws Are used in the fence, air conditioning, etc. bricks, concrete and other materials above. Expansion screw is screw and expansion tube and other parts of each other, the bottom of the screw showing a cone-shaped, cone diameter than the inside diameter of the expansion tube to be much larger, the nut is tightened when the screw is to Outward movement, in the function of the thread through the side to move to open, so that the expansion can be in the outside of the trip very large pressure, coupled with their friction can play a fixed effect.