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Knowing Customers Before Cooperation

Many Chinese suppliers only know orders, never clear the types of customers and procurement model. Today, let us study with customer's purchase.


Chain store (Store Chain)

Several of the world's large hardware and fasteners shops, such as American FASTENAL, Grainger, home depot, Lowe 's and Australia Bunnings group, the procurement of products hizhz to from Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, mainland China and Taiwan area.

They will purchase all kinds of products, different varieties from different purchasing departments. In almost all major production markets have their own procurement companies, the General Factory is difficult to break into, they are often through a large trader to choose their suppliers, as a procurement system. Purchase quantity, price stability, the annual purchase of product changes will not be too large, high quality requirements. Is not easy to transform the supplier.

Large chain supermarket chain (Mart)

Such as WAL-MART (WALMART, Newell), IKEA Home Furnishing, purchasing a large quantity, also have the purchasing company own (wmgs etc.). In the production market, has its own procurement system, their purchase price sensitivity of the market is very high, the product change is also very large, the factory price pressure is very low, but the quantity is very large. Development of strong, cheap, strong capital of the factory can attack this type of customer.
Small plant is best to maintain a distance, otherwise he would be a cash flow of funds to let you eat, in case the quality can not meet the inspection standards, it is difficult to stand up.

Brand importer (Importer)

Well-known fastener importers, such as PFC in the United States, the United States G.L. HUYETT, urth etc., most of which are their own brand purchase, they will find a scale, good quality of the factory directly to OEM orders, their profit is good, quality requirements have their own standards, stable order, with the factory establish long cooperation relationship.
At present, there are more and more importers in the world to China's exhibition to find manufacturers, which is worthy of the development of small and medium-sized factory guests. Importer in their domestic business scale is the number of their purchases and payment conditions of the reference factors, before doing business, you can through their website to understand their strength. Even a small brand, but also have the opportunity to develop into a large customer.


Wholesale importers, who usually purchase specific products, have their own warehouses in the country, through the exhibition sales of their products, the amount of money, the price, the uniqueness of the product is the focus of their attention. This kind of guest easily than the price, because their competitors are the same in the exhibition sellers, so differences in the prices of the products and to very high, if the same product, so often because of the low price of others and run. The main procurement method is to participate in the exhibition to China to buy.
There are also a lot of Chinese funds more abundant, on the wholesale business overseas, to become a distributor, back to china.


This part of the guests, what products are likely to buy, because they have a variety of different guests, buy different products, but the continuity of the order is not stable. Order quantity is also more unstable. Small plants are relatively easy to do.


A few years ago, overseas retailers almost all in the domestic procurement, but after entering the network business, more and more retailers their through the network shopping, this kind of guest is actually it is difficult to develop and cultivate high, it is more suitable for domestic wholesalers to do, factory is a waste of time to offer, there is no potential.

Understanding of the procurement of foreigners, it is good to see recruit and recruit, according to many aspects of the enterprise's own products and production capacity conditions, select suitable for their own procurement, the greatest degree of facilitate transactions.