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Matters Should Be Paid Attention To In The Use Of Electric Screwdriver

It's known the electric screwdriver is easy to use and operate, however, the unappropriate operation will effect the use of electric screwdriver, or even damage the electric screwdriver. Therefore, we must pay attention to some of the corresponding issues, when using the electric screwdriver, like the main seven points:

1) Before operation, please read the driver's manual, according to its specification.

2) The general motor lock set to pay the frequency of 4s / 1 screw, lock to pay 900 screws per hour, the daily lock to pay 7,500 screws. Swiss motor set the lock to pay the frequency of 2.5s / 1 screw, locking 1440 screws per hour, the daily lock to pay 12,000 screws, so the process must pay attention to the use of electric screwdriver motor size, do not blindly operate, to prevent damage to the electric screwdriver beyond the workload.

3) The use of the model 45-75 torque within the more appropriate, can not overload 80 torque to long-term use.

4) Never transfer directly from the lowest twist to the highest twist or from the highest twist to the lowest, preventing the clutch and torque thimble off.

5) Tide the screwdriver fixing ring or torque sheath before operation.

6) Screwdriver internal parts do not come into contact with oil or other corrosive liquid.

7) In order to maintain the effectiveness of maintenance, please protect the serial number of the screwdriver and warranty card.