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Process Technology of Copper Screw And Aluminum Screw


In daily life, the screw is universal, it is the fundamental to tighten all things, is the use of oblique circular rotation of the object and the friction of the physics and mathematical principles, tool of  fastening the object step by step. The following describes the processing of copper screws and aluminum screws process.

Copper screws and aluminum screws are widely used in electric power industry, home appliance and lighting industry. However, there are not many special screw factories in China specializing in copper screws and aluminum screws.

First of all, dealing with copper wire and carbon steel wire process technologies are almost the in the same principle, the difference is to buy copper wire and aluminum wire when you have to determined order, do not prepare inventory when no order, otherwise they may become aluminum scrap and copper scrap, then a huge waste . Followed by the processing of aluminum wire and copper wire to note that copper and aluminum is very soft, aluminum scrap copper scrap is very easy to stick in the mold cavity caused by scratches into the product, it'll be better if aluminum can put a broken time so that there is oxide film on the surface. This reduces the chance of sticking. Also lubricants is injected  (solid, powder,) on aluminum surface to minimize the sticky mold phenomenonin in the production. Thus you have to let a someone watch the production of machine, so that immediately die off sticky mold and then re-production of aluminum scrap.