Project Solutions

The best solutions to solve loosening threaded fasteners

Thread wire (wire thread insert) is a type of threaded fasteners, accurately is by high-precision diamond-shaped sections of stainless steel wire manufactured by a spring-like internal and external threads concentric. Silk thread packages such as products in line with international standards high-precision internal thread, its performance than the tapping screw.

Main application

1 mount the metal or non-metallic materials (light alloy materials such as aluminum, magnesium) on the mechanical parts, forming high strength, wear-resistant, high-precision standard internal thread.

Typical applications: high-voltage switchgear, power machinery |, tobacco machines, welding equipment, microwave communications, automobile parts, air separation plants, coal, power machinery, textile and chemical fiber machinery, etc.

2 thread processing error or damaged screw hole repair, silk thread set (wire thread insert) can be used as a repair tool can be obtained quickly and efficiently fix

Typical applications: screw hole repair after tripping of various important parts, such as injection molding machine template screw hole repair.

3 use silk thread metric ← → English threaded nosepiece, very convenient and fast.

Typical applications: importing equipment or machinery inch thread due to the supply of spare parts need to be changed to metric thread.