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the Development of Fasteners Help to Improve Hardware Industry Level


    With the acceleration of economic development, the development of China's fastener is also growing rapidly, we now look at the market we fasteners in all steel equipment industry, which can be said to account for one-fifth. And now we take a look at what the development of the industry's fastest, according to statistics show that our bolts accounted for half. Our relevant departments of our fastener industry greater efforts invested working capital, under such a "spring" our fastener industry marked this class. " ride "actively increase efforts to widen the domestic fastener me what's inside in a market economy. It makes our fastener industry thrive in this the "spring." This time the growth will also open the door led our industry standard parts back onto the international stage for our fastener products. After the first few years of anti-dumping "suppressing" Our country's fastener industry obvious to such a situation no doubt that the first downhill of the industries we trust our large industry-led economic turmoil that swept through our market economy makes us market economy affected to some degree.
     And now we all should understand most of the market demand for our fastener industry in North America, Western Europe, Asia, the three major local market, and a few places in the annual demand for fasteners up to 90 billion dollars. And the main direction of this circle is also our national export fasteners.

Now we are in the simultaneous development of fasteners is now among the world's rapid economic development and associated with a class of products which are constantly rising. Relevant information, since the bulk of our country's fastener exports and price concessions, making our fastener abroad are considered secondary products, but also by foreign counterparts plus unfair competition label, China University of Political Science International Trade law experts pointed out that, under normal circumstances, export sales of a product in a country, the more likely to be anti-dumping proceedings on other countries crown "title."
     Experienced such repeated "question, to suppress" Our fastener industry no longer the style remains the same as the year, compared with other products of our fastener products becoming less competitive. Facing this situation experts say that if we do not change the fastener industry development that we become "deadwood," the die is inevitable. It also shows that China is now the most need to do now is based on the need to accelerate the economic transformation of the industrial structure Overseas Chinese government ways to enhance our products and enterprise management level to achieve a positive that Kim Jong Il China's fastener industry's "magnificent turn."