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The Difference Between The Countersunk Head Screw And The Pan Head Screw


Screws are common fasteners in daily life, according to the different shape of the head can be divided into many types, countersunk head screws and cross-slot screw is a common screw, countersunk head screw on the big narrow down into a tapered, Cross head screw head is oblate, these two types of screws are not only different shapes, the use of a certain gap, the main differences are as follows:

1) Countersunk screw fastening state to bear the load than the cross head screw to bear the load.

2) Countersunk head screw is often used in mechanical parts and mold template fasteners; and pan head screws are usually used for mechanical chassis and chassis or household appliances or parts cover the fastening.

3) The top of the head screw is flat; pan head screw above the spherical.

4) Cross slotted pan head screw fastening tool is a class of screws, which is often said that the screwdriver; countersunk head screw fastening tool is used within the hex wrench.

5) Head screw head cross-section image semi-circular; head screw head cross-sectional image is a trapezoid