Project Solutions

Thickness Test of Surface Treatment


In order to improve the hardness of the screws in the course of the indicators used in the need for screws before coating thickness, when the coating thickness is completed, how do we check whether the quality of it? Here to share four detection methods.

1) Measuring method
    The amount used has a micrometer, vernier caliper, plug gauge and so on.

2) Magnetic method
     Magnetic method to measure the thickness of the coating layer is a non-destructive measurement of the non-magnetic coating on the magnetic substrate by a magnetic thickness gauge.

3) The microscope method
     Microscopic method known as the metallographic method, it is the etching of the fasteners, with a micrometer eyepiece on the microscope to enlarge, measure the thickness of the coating on the cross section.

4) Time flow method
    Chronoamperometry uses a solution that can dissolve the coating on a part of the surface of the coating and calculates the thickness of the coating based on the time it takes for the local coating to dissolve. There are coating drip method, anodic dissolution coulometric method.