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What Are the Benefits of ERP Management System

Successful ERP system and the effective operation of enterprise, ERP system will help enterprises to better enhance the competitiveness, reduce business operating costs, improve the management level of the enterprise, enable enterprises to gain greater competitive advantage in the competition in the same industry.

Specifically reflected in the following aspects:

1) Optimize the supply chain management, reduce logistics costs, improve customer service level, accelerate the efficiency of the payment of goods.

2) The realization of the capital flow, logistics, information flow unified management, to solve the internal information is not smooth and management difficulties and other shortcomings.

3) Real-time business data processing, decision-making orders issued accurately. Reduce operational risk, rapid response to changes in the market.

4) Effective control of raw materials, product and finished product inventory, improve inventory turnover rate.

5) Improve the enterprise's on-time delivery rate, reduce the error rate of delivery, so that the efficiency and credibility of enterprises greatly improved.

6) Purchasing personnel with timely and accurate production planning information, to understand the production problem, shorten the procurement time and save the cost of procurement.

7) Downtime is expected to be significantly reduced. As part of the need to improve the transparency of the plan has also been improved, can be timely and accurate, parts can also be at a more reasonable rate to arrive on time, so that the production line downtime to be expected to be significantly reduced.

8) Due to the decline in the cost of inventory, labor saving, purchasing cost savings and a series of people, financial, material effect, so that the production costs are reduced.

9) Product structure management specification to ensure business departments to strictly implement, improve product quality.

10) The management level to assist staff to quickly complete the task, improve the work efficiency. At the same time, the production ability raise.

11) Cost accounting automation, real-time statistics and at the end of the checkout instantly, to ensure that accurate and fast provides various cost data, improve the efficiency of the financial personnel; at the same time real-time monitoring of financial information, keep abreast of capital.

What about our ERP system?

Advanced imported testing equipments are used for strict inspection of raw materials,semi-finished and finished products to ensure that each batch meets the quality standard

Furnace batch number tracking is implemented during the whole production process

Product testing data ia put into ERP system,employes self-inspection during the production process and inspector re-inspection are implemented

Inspector re-inspection is needed besides the initial inspection when production starts,mode updates or material changes;´╝écup´╝étesting method is applied

During the production process,produts can go to the next procedure only after the confirmation and stamp by corresponding inspectors

All the data during product testing will be put into ERP system