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What is the working principle of the locking nut?

Principle of nuts: nuts works by using nuts and bolts to lock the friction between. But this locks of reliability in the dynamic load is reduced. On some important occasions we will take against loose measure to ensure the reliability of the locking nut. Lock nut is one of them against loose measure.

What is a lock nut lock nut also has two

One is to use two different nut is screwed on the same bolt, attach a tightening torque between the two nuts, bolt is connected securely.

Other special anti-loosening nut, needs and can be used a check washer.

Special lock nut is not a hex nut, but a round nut, on the circumference of the nut is provided with a 6 gap, these six points gap is tightening tools and check washer clip snaps into place. Second check is more reliable than the first, but the structure is complex. What is a locking nut and locknut difference self-locking nuts, it is primarily used for anti-pine, vibration-proof. For special occasions. Lock nuts with locking nuts are a concept with self lock nut lock nut. Screwed into the moment and turn torque output-related standards, please refer to the manual or mechanical design national nut standards.