2016 Russian Moscow Fastener Exhibition



Moscow, Russia by the MVK International Exhibition Corporation MVK-InternationalExhibitionCompany organized by the 2016 Russian Moscow fastener exhibition in 2016-10-25 to 2016-10-27 at the Moscow Sokolniki International Convention and Exhibition Center held a grand. Russia International Fasteners Fair is the only fastener industry in Eastern Europe show, have a strong influence.


Russia International Fastener Show brings together many of the world's leading fastener products, equipment manufacturers and wholesalers, the Russian International Fasteners Exhibition will showcase the latest products, categories, high-tech, on behalf of the relevant Industry trends and technology trends. Fasteners - Bolts, screws, nuts, washers, locking rings, nails, pins, rivets, jaw nails, clamps, packing ropes and all kinds of new or standard fasteners. Special fasteners, etc .; reinforcement tools - all kinds of manual or electric tools (electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.); other categories - for the construction industry, wood furniture, packaging industry with various types of fasteners, etc .; And testing - fasteners production machinery and equipment, fasteners, production materials and testing equipment.


As the Russian heavy industry-based, most of the hardware tools are not their own production, coupled with Russia's exports of oil and weapons exports to achieve economic recovery, as long as the barrel of oil around 80 dollars, Russia's purchasing power is very strong. At the same time, Russia as the world's only great potential of the growth of the market, and trade with China is growing rapidly, the Russian international fastener show in the domestic popularity is also rapidly increasing. In recent years, with the steady development of the Russian construction market, the demand for hardware fasteners to an annual average growth rate of 10%. Heavy-duty machinery, heavy-duty CNC machine tools, railway wagons, aircraft and defense industry and other heavy industry and energy industry foundation, and hardware fastener technology is weak, rely heavily on imports. Russia is only about 120 of the metal production enterprises, most of them are small and medium enterprises, the domestic market to rely on Germany, China and the United States to meet their requiement. The price of our products have obvious advantages, advanced technology will win more and more market share.