Analysis Of The Development Of China Stainless Steel Hardware Market

From 2012, the effects of the financial crisis on China's stainless steel hardware industry smaller, stainless steel hardware and tools industry in China gradually get rid of the effects of the financial crisis.

Hardware tools

International Model Association Secretary General Luo Baihui, stainless steel hardware tools export market gradually pick up, case, China's stainless steel hardware companies in the maintenance of international markets in Europe and at the same time, also look into gradually larger market abroad and increase the channel and brand-building efforts in the domestic market.

International market demand for stainless steel hardware products in China is developing and changing, the quality of Chinese products, packaging, delivery period will have higher requirements, and even extends to the production process and product development, combined with environmental protection, energy resources and environment. And the huge market and centre of gravity, stainless steel hardware tools will further attract multinational manufacturing shifted to China.

Continuously improve product quality, the market continued to expand under the environment of our very broad prospects for the development of China stainless steel hardware.

2011 global market demand for industrial fasteners to 65.5 billion dollars by 2018, which would hit 94.65 billion dollars, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4%.

China, Brazil, and India and other countries economic development consumer's disposable income is rising, and drive industry demand growth, this will be the next fastener market growth is one of the most important factors. In addition, 2012-2018 global construction and maintenance industry development will also become a fastener needs one important reason for the increase. Nevertheless, the EU implementation of the high anti-dumping duties would hinder fastener market growth to a certain extent. Railways, the development of solar-powered equipment, such as customized fasteners will bring new opportunities to the development of the whole market for fasteners.

In 2011, the external threads the largest proportion of industrial fasteners, occupied all fastener requirements of 38%, up to $ 25 billion. In view of the near future, industrialization and the growth in demand for durable goods, grow the fastest in the externally threaded fasteners.

In 2011, electronic, electric, metal products, and aerospace equipment and other OEM industries are the main application areas of industrial fasteners, 2011 fastener demand exceed 30% shares. However, with the rising of global construction and maintenance industry in the future, the construction industry will become the biggest industrial fastener needs. The Agency forecast, 2012-2018, the building industry compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will be 9%. in addition, the automotive OEM industry growth rate will exceed the average.

In 2012, the industrial fastener demand was strongest in the Asia Pacific region. Between 2018 and the Asia-Pacific region global fastener fastener demand will account for 45% share of the total market demand. This trend will continue over the next 6 years, mainly due to the rapid industrialization of the development in the region, as well as a favourable economic environment, thus promoting the development of demand for durable goods and other industries.

Small motor is a technology-intensive industry, the rise in Switzerland, developed in Japan, and then spread gradually with technology transfer to developing countries. At present, Japan, and Korea still holds the advanced technology of micro-motor industry, with China as the representative of the developing countries are undertaking a Japan, and Korea and other developed countries industrial transfer. As with rich material resources, production, price and multiple advantages of low labour costs, has become the world's major producers and exporters of tiny motors.

As indispensable in people's living and production base of mechanical and electrical products, and in 2012, world micro-motor production exceeded 16 billion, China-made micro-motor production of about 11 billion, accounted for 70% of the global market share as the world's micro-motor industry marketing overlords. The Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the Bohai economic circle is the small motor of the three major production and export base.

Visited Shenzhen international motor magnetic material exhibition, pulse China micro-motor industry future in China, with micro-motor industry development and held of related academic forum and Exhibition Conference from must degree Shang also reaction out micro-motor industry future of development trend and industry pattern, as annual in Shenzhen held of Shenzhen international small motor and the magnetic materials exhibition, relies on beads triangle huge of industry advantage, quickly rise, gradually became motor magnetic material industry of "barometer", annual attract tens of thousands of name both at home and abroad procurement business came to Exchange Xia single.

Magnetic material exhibition can be seen from 2013, Shenzhen motor, high torque, small size, high accuracy, low power consumption, long life and low cost of micro-motor products by customers internally, showed strong competitiveness, and to some extent represents the research and development of micro-motor direction.

With communications, and micro electric play, and consumption class electronic products and medical health equipment industry of fast growth, Super Micro-motor get widely using, but for its production process complex, precision and power requirements high, market far no reached saturated, exists is big of innovation and growth space, also, car industry of rapid development, also for micro-motor in car field of application provides has broad of development space. An average car takes about 15 sets of micro-motor, and luxury cars you might need 40-60, such as: quantitative automatic electronic fuel injection system replaced the traditional Carburetors, ABS brakes were replaced by motor replaced, and so on.

Aviation technologies, weapons and equipment automation-d printing technology and the future of micro-motor development will directly lead to higher precision, sharp direction. Shenzhen international motor magnetic material exhibition ten years audience big data, statistics micro-motor application industry distribution according to Shenzhen international small motor and the magnetic materials exhibition successive audience source analysis, according to currently using micro-motor of number how many for row bit, information processing and the communications equipment for maximum user, about accounted for 29.3%; audio equipment accounted for 18.5%; car electrical equipment accounted for 13.8%; daily household appliances accounted for 8.75%; depending on like processing equipment accounted for 7.43%; industrial electrical drive and control accounted for 2.61%.

In addition, there is 19.61% application coverage, such as aerospace vehicles, automatic weapons and equipment, agricultural machinery, light industry, machinery, medical equipment, and so on.