Bolt Poetry

Tobber Malm, a blacksmith from Oslo, Norway, is also a photographer. By chance, Malm found a rusty bolt in a worn-out barn in the heart of the Swedish district of Bergsladen.
His sharp eyes caught the value of this little thing with a wide cap and slender body. As a good poet, he saw from the tiny bolt of the humanities and feelings of the hidden, and as inspiration. Gathered some of the bolts, by heating, forging, twisting them to form a variety of human gesture, opened a series of unusual emotional sculpture.
He named this series of sculptures "Bolt Poetry", just as the poet tells the story of a joys and sorrows, evoking sadness, joy, warmth and humor in people's hearts. All the sculptures have no independent title, like the lives of countless people in the world, using the eyes and minds of the audience themselves to feel, those who still have stories to tell.
This is not just a poem, but a kind of human warmth, can discard the bolt is so art and philosophy. Tobbe Malm is far more than an artist and poet, he was a philosopher.