China's Fastener Industry Should Focus On Brand Building

Most of no specific brand management, the fastener industry. Brand building lacked strategy, focus on short-term interests, the lack of contingency planning. This situation is mainly due to many companies confuse the brand appeal and product demand, and focusing on product demand, not on corporate brand appeal. Fastener market, boost domestic sales the main power in product, service and brand advantages. Brand is one of the intangible assets, produced by different enterprises reflected on product differentiation. Brand building in addition to a sense of quality and integrity awareness, but also has a clear aim high. Enterprises should create a century enterprise of highly developed corporate brand development strategy. Transformation and upgrading, analysts believe. Innovation is the key, especially to the manufacturing sector, but should have the cutting edge of technology and improve competitiveness. At present, the fastener industry faces a diplomatic force, industry inflection point is approaching, the extensive growth mode has encountered serious challenges, resource scarcity, environmental pressures and low-cost competition, quantitative development has become increasingly difficult. At present, innovation has become the consensus of the community, with the aggravation of market competition, innovation will be certainly way enterprises to reduce costs and generate a profit. 1 innovation alternatives for these products is very strong, currently the entrance of fasteners is less content than the products of technology. If you do not increase the technology content of products and reduce costs, will soon be replaced by some producing countries with lower interest rates. Technical innovation is the application of innovation, companies need to think about how to transform a technology into a product on the market. Today, with people's understanding to enhance the level of China's fastener industry gradually, more and more people in the industry to realize that if you continue to market for technology, space industry development will eventually be eroded. Fastener industry has developed to a certain level the key problem now is, and form the core competition power of industry, free key technical dependencies, daring key technology of raw material defects and cold-formed the core technology, increase the intensity of independent research and development.

2 marketing high-end line from low-end line modified to avoid price wars. In view of the industrial chain is one of the strategies. Fastener production and sales growth, led the cold heading steel wire rod, wire rod production and marketing growth, steel wire, wire rod production and corresponding growth in corporate profits, large and medium sized iron and steel enterprises in Bao Steel and maanshan steels, steel, Anshan iron and steel, Wuhan iron and steel, Shougang, Hangzhou iron and steel, Tangshan steel, XING steel, Xiangtan iron and steel were the successful development and production of a variety of cold heading steel grades. To marketing success, fasteners, enterprises can improve the ability of cold heading steel wire, wire rod prices, reducing the price of fastener material. Only effort is difficult to achieve in a business, reducing the prices of fastener material. Tighten firmware enterprise bargaining power depends on consultations fastener Association. In addition to price considerations, seeking market is an overlooked part of marketing innovation, China has a vast market and its proximity is one of good domestic marketing of fasteners. In recent years, soothe a domestic policy the Chinese Government is very dense, and many domestic enterprises to benefit from it. According to its own advantage to determine their market position, the fastener enterprise should enhance the marketing competitive research today. Launched the fasteners required to meet the market products, reasonable pricing, and to earn a reasonable profit, it's fastener business survival of competition, not only conducive to the fastener Enterprise brand building and continue health and development, but also to the whole machine, vehicle enterprises and fasteners OEM partnership and promoting common development. 3 brand innovation

Fastener industry in technology to a more mature stage, after years of improvement and innovation. Resulting in product technology and quality of the increasing trend of homogenization, brand became the main considerations. On brand building and brand advantage, SAIC in China, Ningbo, jiaxing gem, Dong gang, Ning Li, fastener Enterprise walking in front of the domestic industry. But compared with multinational companies, the market value of the brand has found hard to match.