Demand Analysis Of Fastener Industry

Because the mechanical industry is the main supply direction of fasteners, the rise and fall of the fastener industry is closely related to the development of the mechanical industry. In recent years, the mechanical industry is on the rise, which promotes the development of the fastener industry. From the perspective of industry segments, automotive industry, maintenance industry, construction industry and electronic industry are the largest users of fasteners. As the main downstream application field of fasteners, automotive industry will provide important support for the development of fastener industry.


In 2017, the global automobile industry performed steadily, maintaining positive growth for nine consecutive years, with compound growth rates of output and sales of 4.2% and 4.16% respectively. The production and sales situation of domestic automobile market is stronger, with compound growth rates of 8.69% and 8.53% respectively from 2013 to 2017. The growth of the industry will continue in the next 10 years. According to the research data of China Automotive Technology Research Center, the peak sales volume of China's automobile industry is expected to be about 42 million, while the current sales volume is 28.8789 million, which indicates the potential sales volume of 14 million vehicles in the industry and indicates that China's automobile industry is still full of vitality in the medium and long term market, This can bring good opportunities for the development of fastener industry.


3C industry, including computer, communication and consumer electronics, is one of the industries with rapid development in China and even in the world. It is also an industry with more fasteners. Although the growth rate of traditional 3C industry is slowing down, the stock market space is still very large. In addition, PC, tablet computer and smart phone have all entered the competition pattern of Red Sea, which will be followed by the breakthrough in technological innovation of their products, thus bringing new technological application and process change. The strong development of 3C industry will increase the demand for fasteners.