Domestic Fastener Industry Development Forecast

Despite the financial crisis, the impact of anti-dumping, the domestic fastener manufacturers adhere to the development in such a harsh environment. Continue to create a sales miracle also won the war in one fell swoop anti war victory. These series of good record can not be separated from the national policy and the fastener company to deal with the problem solving ability.

Since last year, the outbreak of the financial crisis, fasteners export orders continue to shrink, the domestic fastener manufacturers to bring great challenges. In such a situation, fastener enterprises leaders adhere to use various methods to open up the market, expand sales, improve product quality, adaptation to the needs of the market. State leaders in the face of financial crisis, decisive proposed to expand domestic demand and increased infrastructure policy, to a large extent stimulated the development of economy, but also bring a series of opportunity to fastener manufacturers, which in the foreign market continuous dejected is simply a temporary relief.

In the face of a trade war, the Chinese fastener "knit" actively respond to anti-dumping, argue, and finally in the joint efforts of enterprises and the government, won the the important historical significance in the first World War.