Fastener Enterprises Make Full Use Of The Advantages To Meet More New Opportunities For Development




    Fastener enterprises can make full use of the strong role of the Internet, the screw industry website can do gather detailed and fastener industry production and supply manufacturers and the basic situation of product information, fasteners and related industry manufacturers and users with the latest business information, effective chain connecting the production, supply, pin, parties, strengthening and fastening parts of the industrial chain of the industry information communication and business cooperation, set up a professional network trading platform, help the domestic fastener enterprises effectively expand domestic and international market, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, promote the Chinese fastener enterprises to the world. By means of electronic commerce the development of their own advantages, greatly shorten the distance between enterprises and customers, enterprises can quickly and accurately to customers offer, timely and efficiently with customers establish cooperative relations, to enhance the fastener enterprises on the market of agility. And extension of professional industry portal platform can continue to reduce the cost of fastener enterprises innovation, improve the efficiency of innovation, with the aid of the network convenience enterprises easily expand the scope of activities, the trans regional and trans - national development is also more convenient and the cost is low. The electronic information age, fastener marketing, of course, also want to good fake on the matter ", advancing with the times, leveraging e-commerce, fastener enterprises is being ushered in new opportunities for development.

    Chinese fastener industry mall adhering to the years of professional information service advantages, multi platform, cross regional and deep information service system for the Chinese fastener industry supplier and purchaser user, to provide comprehensive, professional business information services, for buyers and sellers to build interactive communication bridge, create a global fastener industry e-commerce platform.

    In monitoring and early warning, based on the full study of, the relevant agencies can according to changes in the patterns of trade, using tariffs, interest rates, quotas and other means, the Chinese fastener export quantity, product structure, time, macro guidance. , in view of China's fastener products export trade situation and new changes and need to establish national fastener products import and export monitoring and early warning system, to grasp the situation, found the problem, and puts forward some operable suggestions, provide the basis for scientific decision-making of relevant departments.

    Export order some confusion, mainly for the export volume growth too fast, excessive concentration of export and export countries, low price, high additional value yield less, causing the number of unnecessary friction, is not conducive to the sustained and healthy development of fastener products export trade. This shows that China has become a major exporter of fasteners products, is in the context of global integration, the inevitable result of the adjustment of the world industry and the division of labor, is a difficult to reverse the long-term trend. The past two years, in the fastener exports also appeared some problems that can not be ignored.

    China is the world's largest producer of fasteners. In recent years, China's fastener industry is in a period of rapid development, the level of manufacturing technology has been gradually improved, and the labor cost is relatively low, the world fastener industry division of labor pattern is changing. With China's accession to the WTO, foreign manufacturers have to step up to seize the domestic market, the domestic fastener industry has been a great impact and challenge. After the financial crisis, China's domestic fastener industry development seriously blocked. At present the domestic fastener demand is exuberant, but due to domestic manufacturers of exclusion and repression, domestic fastener enterprises are unable to achieve expected a reasonable profit level and even long-term losses, thus unable to upgrade equipment and improve production process.

    Domestic fastener enterprise itself development also has the restriction factor, the enterprise scale is small, the product additional value is low, the anti risk coefficient is low, the industry chain information communication is not timely and so on. External factors and internal bottlenecks in the development of the domestic fastener enterprises difficult, which makes the fastening pieces of the industry to accelerate the reshuffle process, Nishuixingzhou, keep falling behind. The Chinese fastener enterprises to develop grow, must seek to change the way, take the initiative to seek a breakthrough.

    Chinese fastener industry mall will be electronic commerce into the fastener industry, accelerate the transformation of the mode of enterprise management, cost savings, help enterprises to create a fair market competition mechanism, to enable enterprises to continuously improve product technology and quality level of foundation, expand product market share to meet market demand, so as to improve the international competitiveness of China's fastener industry.