Global Steel Steel Production Will Decline By About 2.5% To 50.892 Million Tons By 2020

According to statistics released by the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) on March 15, global production of stainless steel crude steel will total 50.892 million tons in 2020, down about 2.5% from 52.218 million tons the year earlier. Of these, 6.323 million tons were in Europe, down nearly 7.1% from 6.805 million tons a year previous year; 2.144 million tons in the United States, down about 17.3 percent from 2.593 million tons a year previous year; Chinese mainland 30.139 million tons, an increase of about 2.5% over the previous year's 29.4 million tons; Asia Chinese mainland including China, South Korea and Indonesia (mainly Japan, India and Taiwan), was 6.429 million tonnes, down nearly 18.6% from 7.894 million tonnes a year previous year. Other regions (Brazil, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Indonesia) were 5.857 million tonnes, up about 6 per cent from 5.525 million tonnes a year ago.

On a quarterly basis, global stainless steel crude steel production rose quarter by quarter after a decline in the second quarter and reached its highest level of the year in the fourth quarter. Production in the fourth quarter was 14.125 million tonnes, up about 13.7 per cent and 4.4 per cent month-on-month, respectively, the only one not less than a year earlier. In the fourth quarter, production in all regions except Chinese mainland fell by about 2.6% month-on-month to 8.236 million tonnes, compared with the previous quarter: Europe grew by nearly 21% to 1.719 million tonnes and the United States grew by about 13.3%. 8% to 568,000 tonnes, with Asia excluding Chinese mainland, South Korea and Indonesia growing by about 12.9 per cent to 1.837 million tonnes, while other regions grew by about 16.1 per cent to 1.765 million tonnes. Production in Asia, excluding Chinese mainland, South Korea and Indonesia, and the United States declined from a year earlier, while output in several other regions increased in the fourth quarter.