Hex Bolt Is Stripped?

Bolted connections are a common method of attachment. However, in the process of assembling agricultural machinery, the bolts may cause slipping, breaking and other failure phenomena due to various factors or improper assembly. In the process of bolt assembly on site, it mainly involves the angle of bolt tightening.

The factors considered are: the angle of bolt tightening, the use of grease and the tightening method.

(1) Tightening angle

In the on-site assembly of the bolt, the operator often uses a wrench to tighten the bolt. In the process, the center of rotation of the wrench does not coincide well with the center of the bolt, thereby affecting the fastening effect and the failure torque of the bolt. Therefore, the bolt The tightening angle is a factor that must be considered.

(2) Use of grease Under different working conditions, it is sometimes necessary to add grease to the bolt assembly. Therefore, the use of additives is also one of the factors that must be considered in the bolt failure study.

(3) Material of the nuts

In different assembly positions, nuts of different materials are sometimes required. Therefore, the material of the nuts is also a factor that should be considered for the failure of the bolt connection.