How Hex Bolts Are Made

Work Flow:

1. Hex bolts (four-mode four-stroke or three-mode three-stroke)

(1) Cutting: The movable material is unidirectionally moved to cut the wire stuck in the cutting die into the desired blank.

(2) One punch: the back die is pressed against the billet die to extrude the billet, and is initially formed, and then the stamper pushes out the billet.

(3) Two punches: the blank enters the second die, the second die is extruded, and the blank is oblate, and then the die pushes the blank.

(4) Three punches: the blank enters the third die, and is cut by the hexagonal die, and the hexagonal head of the blank is initially formed. After that, the back die pushes the blank into the third die, and the cut is cut from the hexagon.