Industry Use Of The Anchor Bolts

1, fixed anchor bolt, also known as short anchor bolts, and it poured out on the basis that holds no strong vibration and shock devices.

2, activity, also known as the long tail of the anchor bolt bolt, is a removable bolts for fixing heavy machinery with strong vibrations and shocks.

3, expanding anchor bolt is used to fix rest for simple devices or auxiliary equipment. Expanding anchor bolt installation should meet the following requirements: bolt less than 7 times times the distance from the Center to the edge of the base expansion of anchorage bolt diameter; installation expansion anchor bolt of strength not less than 10MPa; drilling should not be cracked, prevent the drill steel, pipe and Foundation collision; hole diameter and depth should match the expanding anchor bolt.

4, bonded anchor bolts as in recent years, a common anchor bolts, anchor of its methods with the expansion bolt. Adhesive note when blowing debris in the hole, and shall not be exposed to moisture.