Installation Method Of Anchor Bolt

1, an embedding: when pouring concrete, anchor bolts embedded in. When Minar to capsize when anchor bolts should be used once implantation.

2, reserved hole method: equipment in place, clean the holes and put anchor bolt into the hole in the equipment positioning alignment than the original basis a high level of non-shrinkage fine-stone concrete water tamping compaction. A buried anchor bolts should be less than the distance from the Center to the edge of the Foundation 4D (d-bolt diameter), and should not be less than 150mm (d ‚ȧ 20 o'clock should be not less than 100mm), not less than half the width of the anchor plates and 50mm, when you cannot meet these requirements, and shall take appropriate measures to be strengthened. Structure with bolt diameter should not be less than 20mm. When when subjected to seismic action, should be fixed by double nuts, or adopt other effective measures to prevent loosening, but anchorage length of bolts than non-seismic anchoring length 5d.

Anchor bolt of installation planning anchor bolt in based within loose of processing in near twist tight anchor bolt Shi, may will bolt pulled live, at should first bolt adjustment to original location, and will bolt around of based shovel out enough of location, then in bolt Shang welding aspect two a u shaped steel, last water will pit within cleaning clean and grouting, stay concrete solidification to design strength Hou again twist tight live anchor bolt deviation of processing live anchor bolt deviation of processing method, roughly and died anchor bolt of method same, Anchor bolt can only be pulled out to deal with it. If the bolt is too long, you can cut out a set of threads on the machine; if the bolt is too short, can be elongated by hot forging; such as location, and correction using bending method.

Applications suitable for all kinds of fixed equipment, based embedded parts of steel structures, street lights, traffic signs, pumps, boiler installation embedded fixed, heavy equipment, and so on.