Links For Threaded Fasteners Locking Methods

Links for threaded fasteners locking methods there are three basic types: nut, mechanical fixing is not removable by locking and increase the friction locking.

1, do not remove the locking

This is a prison welding, bonding or flush riveting detachable screw connections changes is not removable loosing prevention methods of threaded connection, is a very reliable traditional locking method. The drawback is the threaded fasteners cannot be reused. And operation easier. High demands of some commonly used to check not to be reliable and important occasions.

2, mechanical fasteners locking

Fixing screw and is connected with the machine or between fixed and between the screw and the screw pins tight to prevent loose. The advantage of this method is reliable locking whose locking reliability depends on mechanical fasteners (or the fastener itself, such as slotted nuts) of static strength and fatigue strength. Its disadvantage is the additional fastening weight, manufacturing and installation problems, motor installation is not possible, so the cost is high. Due to the locking of high reliability, mechanical products and aerospace products are some of the important parts are still widely used.

3, increasing the friction locking

Using threads or bolt (screw) head and nut end surface of friction or increasing both friction method to achieve the goal of locking. This locking method than a class or b-class method of reliability to some, but its biggest advantage is no limit of space, can be repeated Assembly and disassembly times can motor Assembly, and some of these fasteners (such as nylon lock nuts, all-metal lock nut), the nut has reached a very high level of reliability. Therefore, this locking method in machine building sector and the most widely used in the field of Aeronautics and Astronautics.