On The Development Trend Of The Five Year Plan For The Internationalization Of Small And Medium Sized Fastener Enterprises

China's fastener industry, the small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for about 2/3, the vast majority of enterprises are small and medium enterprises. Yesterday(16th Aug), Ministry issued a formal "to promote the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprise development five year action plan (2016-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), encourage conditional place to set up a special fund, or with the Bank of China to explore to set up a joint investment and credit linkage guiding fund and development loan linkage pilot, so to meet the conditions of the small and medium-sized enterprise cross-border development of key projects to give discount loans, and pilot the cross-border RMB loans to support the financing of small and medium enterprises.

The plan said, encourage conditional place set up a special fund, or and Bank of China jointly explore the establishment of investment and loans linked to guide the fund, to carry out the investment loan pilot linkage, guide the cross-border mergers and acquisitions fund, venture capital fund, support domestic SMEs and foreign SMEs industry to carry out mergers and acquisitions, equity participation, joint venture and cooperation, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and the latest scientific research achievements, and actively support and the introduction of foreign small and medium-sized enterprise original technology hatch in China landing; while encouraging conditional place to set up special funds, and collaboration of Bank of China, the development of key projects to meet the conditions of small and medium-sized enterprises cross-border give discount loans.

It is worth noting is that the "plan" proposed, Bank of China has developed and differentiated credit policy, actively carry out according to different industries, different investment and trade to more countries and regions of corporate finance services, development loans within the warranty and accounts receivable, warehouse receipts, intellectual property and other pledge financing products; and pilot use of cross-border RMB loans to support the financing of small and medium enterprises, relying on FTA policy advantages, explore to promote SMEs in the region in accordance with the provisions from overseas borrowing funds of RMB, to facilitate small and medium-sized enterprise financing from abroad.

According to the "plan", the next stage will be to meet the international cooperation capacity, "Chinese manufacturing 2025" and "Internet plus" action plan, the national industrial structure adjustment direction of high-end manufacturing, bio medicine, energy saving and environmental protection, information technology and other key industries to carry out cross-border project match, to further promote the development of small and medium sized enterprises. At the same time, will also focus on key national and domestic key areas, focusing on "Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development, the Yangtze River Economic Zone, free trade zone and other key areas of cross-border joint special matchmaking activities. In addition, will also play APEC SME Technology Conference and exhibition, China International SME Fair, German SME exchanges and cooperation and organizations around the exhibition, fair, project matchmaking, exchanges and cooperation platform, to carry out cross-border match, financial product promotion and other activities.

The Bank of China to the "Economic Reference News" reporter said, according to the plan, this year half a year will be carried out three field of internationalization of small & medium-sized enterprises matchmaking activities: first was in mid September, in Beijing for Peru business delegations held a business matching activities; October two, a is to enrich the 13th Zhongbo content, in Guangdong held international industrial cooperation and investment docking fair. Another is to promote overseas enterprises to invest in small and medium enterprises in Guizhou cross-border investment and trade cooperation matchmaking. ("plan" related content evaluation source: Economic Information Daily)

"Plan" proposed to support center of enterprise financing, cross-border development projects discount loans, "China manufacturing 2025", "Internet plus" action plan ", The Belt and Road", but also some direction of China's fastener enterprises transformation and development. Thus, the transformation and upgrading, change the mode of development, sustainable development, emphasis on manufacturing industry development, integration of Internet plus the development of a new model, "The Belt and Road" is several key directions of the future development of the industry.