Statistical Analysis Of Fastener Industry Market In Three Regions Of China

At present, the domestic market will continue to maintain a good long-term trend in the fields of automobile, agricultural machinery, high-speed railway, metallurgy, electric power, engineering machinery and infrastructure, which will bring a broad market space for the fastener industry. The basic parts represented by fasteners are not only the basic industry of China's equipment manufacturing industry, but also the important foundation of various fields of national economic construction. This paper analyzes the current situation of fastener industry from three major market conditions in China.            


Chinese mainland: in 2019, the total value of machinery industry increased by 14 trillion, up 34% from the same period last year, and realized a profit of 900 billion yuan, up 53% over the same period last year. According to the current situation of the fastener industry, China's total imports of fasteners reached 258300 tons, with a value of 2.658 billion US dollars, up 32% and 26% year on year.    


Taiwan: according to the current situation of fastener industry, Taiwan's screw export in 2019 increased by 42.93% compared with 2009, reaching 1.28 million tons, and the amount also increased by 55.29%, reaching 3.2 billion US dollars.            


Hong Kong: in 2019, the export volume of screw products in Hong Kong was 32850 metric tons, an increase of 9% over the same period last year. The export value was 370 million US dollars, an increase of 31% over last year. According to the analysis of the status quo of the fastener industry, the import volume was 44190 metric tons, a decrease of 27% compared with the same period last year. The import amount was 330 million US dollars, but it increased by 20% over last year. It can be seen that the import price is under upward pressure.  


Analysis of the current situation of fastener industry shows that fasteners are widely used and play an important role in all walks of life. In recent years, China's overall economic growth has slowed down and faced downward pressure, which has affected the development of many industries to a certain extent. As an important basic component, fasteners are greatly affected by macro-economy. If the macroeconomic growth rate further declines, it is bound to hinder the further development of the fastener industry.