Summary Of Domestic Fastener Related Exhibitions In 2021

In 2020, the country and the world are experiencing the attack of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The economy of all walks of life is suffering to varying degrees. Many professional exhibitions in the fastener industry have also been postponed or cancelled, and fastener companies have been able to promote The displayed platforms have also been reduced!

Facing the new weather in 2021, it is the first issue that fastener companies think about. Among them, the exhibition promotion is one of the indispensable themes in the development plan of every well-known fastener enterprise. How does the "post-epidemic era" grasp the platform, find the right time, and obtain opportunities and markets? Before this, we must first understand how many such exhibitions will be held in China in 2021, so that companies can shine! Let's take a look at the fastener-related exhibitions in 2021. (In order of development time) 1. 2021 The 18th China Handan (Yongnian) Standard Parts Manufacturers Association and Product Exhibition Venue: China Yongnian Fastener Expo Center Time: February 19-21, 2021 (the eighth day-the tenth day of the first lunar month) 2. 2021 Ningbo International Fastener Spring and Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition Location: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center Time: April 22-24 3. The 23rd Northeast China International Construction Hardware, Fasteners and Nail Wire Mesh Exhibition in 2021 Location: Shenyang International Exhibition Center (No. 9 Huizhan Road, Sujiatun District, Shenyang) Time: April 24-26 4. 2021 The 21st China Fastener Spring and Equipment Exhibition and the 6th China Automotive Fastener Spring Production and Sales Matchmaking Conference Location: Chongqing International Expo Center Time: May 6-8 5. 2021 China (Wenzhou) Fastener Products Expo Venue: Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Time: September 24-26 6. 2021 15th China Handan (Yongnian) Fasteners and Equipment Exhibition Venue: China Yongnian Fastener Expo Center Time: To be released... 7. 2021 China (Jiaxing) General Parts Import and Export Expo and Intelligent Automation, Knife Mould, Electromechanical Exhibition Location: Jiaxing International Convention and Exhibition Center Time: To be released... 8. 2021 China International Hardware Show (CIHS 2021) Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center Time: October 8-10, 2021 9. 2021 Shanghai International Hardware Show (SIHS 2021) Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Time: October 20-22, 2021 10. 2021 China·Shanghai International Fastener Industry Fair (key promotion) Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall Time: November 14-16 China·Shanghai International Fastener Industry Expo, as the only international fastener expo under the China Fastener Branch, is a professional fastener exhibition with considerable scale and innovation in the world and a comprehensive coverage of the entire fastener industry chain. The exhibition gives full play to the advantages of the industry and domestic and foreign resources, and builds a bridge for communication and cooperation between the Chinese fastener industry and the global screwers to enhance exchanges and understanding. At the same time, it creates business opportunities for domestic and foreign fastener companies, brings a new experience to the audience, and strives to make the Fastener Expo an indispensable annual event for the global fastener industry.