The "battle of the fasteners" China wins the EU in WTO

The European Union frequently wants to tighten a commercial war against China; the nut, China again and again to loosen it.
The nut of the campaign, campaign on both sides of the strength of the two sides is a strong European Commission, one of the enterprises in Jiaxing as a representative of the Chinese fastener enterprises, although the number is not strong.
Both before and after nearly 10 years of continuous wrestling tug. This year on February 27, the European Commission decided credentials WTO dispute handling mechanism of coherent final, officially cancel anti-dumping the pace of China's iron and steel fasteners. This is a declaration of victory China counterattack of fastener enterprises. Notice with date, European orders immediately reverse Zhanzhuan, China fasteners hold together to return to the EU market.
The battle of the nut was thought to be the first case in the WTO win the European Union. And behind the case, is made in China since the accession to the WTO in the battle of the world market is arduous and magnificent progress road map: the positive side of the familiar world trade rules, from beginners to development to defend fair commercial active scene; a practicing skills, accelerate upgrading butterfly made in China.
EU; China; try knife, sword
After an absence of seven years of EU orders returned. These two days, Haiyan seawall scale factory to the EU market of the first batch of fasteners to successive shipments.
For the moment we worked hard for seven years, the hard won victory! As actively participate in one of the groups responding to the benchmarking enterprise, the seawall, general manager Fu Sheng Bo sighed. This year on February 27, the European Commission cancel anti-dumping pace, a notice published, and seawall mutual 10 years in Europe, a small companion immediately circumgyrate.
This is a very long transnational litigation. Jiaxing Fastener Association Secretary General Qian Yueping said that China and the EU fastener dispute a long time. Fasteners, commonly known as screws, nuts, is a machine foundation parts, known as the "industrial"". I state fastener exporter. In 2007, the European Union launched anti-dumping measures against China's fastener exports, and in 2009 began to impose anti-dumping duties on the product of China's iron and steel fasteners up to 85%. This method directly affects the Chinese exports to Europe nearly $1 billion, affecting more than and 200 enterprises, tens of thousands of jobs.
As an important area involved, Jiaxing fastener industry bear the brunt of the heavy losses. Municipal Bureau of commerce data show, Jiaxing City category, from 2008 to 2015, fasteners on EU exports dropped from 33288 million U. S. dollars to $15428 million, landing 54%; products involved in the case of EU exports from $14149 million down to $985 million landed 93%. Many companies are forced to withdraw from the EU market.
Facing the unfair anti dumping duties, Jiaxing fastener enterprises on behalf of the Chinese fastener enterprises dousou riposte, group sword. On November 15, 2009 from Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Bohai Bay more than 100 large-scale parts enterprises gathered in Haiyan, in the anti-dumping complaint, acting on the case named. Local business sector, industry associations, enterprises to promote the unity of the Ministry of Commerce, the EU's relevant legislation and anti-dumping measures to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism.
This is since the accession to the WTO, China first enterprise automatic complain the EU, the degree of difficulty as can be imagined. But the parties to jointly do a lot of successful things. Qian Yueping said.
Money, focus, observation, proof, defense...... Every step is very difficult, but the fastener enterprises try to go to fight, hold together. In the interior, we actively cooperate with the observation. Responding to this group of money, money should be spent. On the surface, we do not stop with their own customers to prove exaggerated, we have no dumping, is harmless, Fu Sheng Bo said.
In responding to defense in the course, to Indian automobile fastener fair price, China held a serious and precision of network evidence. The lawyer team; we went to India to collect the relevant enterprises to audit reports, financial reporting and data publicly. We bought the product of India, our business and even take these products to detect the composition of steel. To undertake the Litigation Law Firm lawyer Allbright Li Ye said.
Field multinational study found, India fastener enterprises materials used steel dependent on imports, resulting in high cost of materials, production level of Indian companies only Chinese enterprises 1 / 5 and 1 / 10, some Indian companies with half the energy turned out to be electricity by diesel engine... All sorts of reasons caused the India fastener cost is high, and our high quality and inexpensive fasteners.
The European Union in order to calculate the dumping margin of Chinese products is obviously unfair. Li Ye said that in a large number of accurate and detailed evidence, the Chinese side of the EU unfair practices held a strong defense.
On July 15, 2011, the WTO Appellate Body released the report, the ultimate decision in favor of China and the EU on the fastener business disputes in China, asked the European Union at the end of 2012 completed coherent enforcement modifications. China's trade structure. The first case of live battle victory. However, the European Union in the implementation of the ruling only anti dumping duties fell to 74.1%, fine tune the tax rate is nowhere near enough, other award is not implemented. In October 2013, China once again advocate, implement action, asked the European Commission completely correct originally in the case of all illegal practices, and in this year January 18, again winning.