Thinking About The Development Of Fastener Industry In China


At present, China's economy sustained rapid and stable development, fastener screw industry also continue to overcome all kinds of difficulties, to seize the domestic market, relying on cars, high iron, shipbuilding, advanced manufacturing, it and electronic and electrical appliances, such as major emerging industries development, has been the innovation and transformation as the focus, and constantly adjust product structure, also let fastening fasteners industry to achieve a steadily rising trend.

The reason why exports rose sharply due to the impact of the financial crisis and the European Union in 2009, China's exports of fasteners called the history of the lowest, only 1 million 610 thousand tons." Feng Jinyao explained.

From the total sales and production, China and Japan, the total sales of nearly $9 billion 375 million and $9 billion 690 million, but the total sales volume is 6 million 200 thousand tons and 2 million 870 thousand tons. "That is, China's exports of fastener products, the largest tonnage of screws, but the added value is the lowest, so be sure to add value in the technical content of export products." Feng Jinyao stressed that.
He told reporters that after several years of industrial restructuring, restructuring, the development of the South Korean fastener industry, the rapid development of its shock. He had visited two factories in South Korea, where an enterprise has more than 200 employees and its sales to 600 million yuan, per capita labor productivity for 200 million yuan, another enterprise, with more than 300 employees create 10 billion yuan in sales, means that the per capita productivity of 250 million yuan. "Almost all of the workshop is automated production".

At the same time, high strength, non-standard shaped pieces of products have a rapid development, has been close to 60% of the total market. "Greatly enhance the industry in 2011 the average price of products".
Worry is a small number of small and micro enterprises scattered, low value-added products, excess capacity, and a lot of enterprises at low prices, the market is not standardized, the competitiveness of enterprises is not strong.

"Special essence is our fastener screw industry to take a road." Feng Jinyao said, the first step, I hope that enterprises can increase the per capita labor productivity to 500 thousand ~100 million yuan, only more than 1 million yuan, the enterprise has the ability to participate in market competition."

The most important is to improve their combat effectiveness, and keep quality, high quality line. For fastener enterprises development road, professional, special, valuable will be the only way for us to develop.