Upstream And Downstream Analysis Of Fastener Industry

The upstream of the fastener industry is mainly steel, copper, aluminum and other raw material manufacturers. Since 2016, due to macroeconomic factors and supply-side reforms, the prices of raw materials in the upstream of the industry have been on an upward trend, but they are basically at the top of the price and do not have the basis for a sharp increase. Although the supply-side reform has an adverse effect on the output of raw materials, judging from the current supply of raw materials, the supply of raw materials required by the industry is still exceeding demand, and the remaining output continues to be sold abroad, and there are many and widely distributed raw material manufacturers, and the competition in the raw material industry is also relatively high. Adequate, product supply is guaranteed, and does not restrict the purchase of fastener companies.


In the fastener production process, equipment suppliers provide processing equipment such as wire drawing machines, cold heading machines, and thread rolling machines. The mold factory designs and produces molds according to the needs of the enterprise. The material reform factory provides steel annealing, wire drawing and other material reform services, and heat treatment plants Provide product heat treatment services, and surface treatment plants provide surface treatment services such as galvanizing.


At the downstream end of the industry, fastener products are widely used in various fields of industry, including automobiles, railways, machinery, electronic appliances and so on. As the main downstream application field of fasteners, the automotive industry will become an important support for the development of the fastener industry. There are many types of automotive fasteners, mainly including standard fasteners, non-standard fasteners, other standard mechanical components and other non-standard mechanical components, etc., and automotive fasteners account for the largest proportion of the entire fastener industry. One. In addition, the demand for fasteners in the fields of rail transit, electronics and electrical appliances is also very large, and it is in a rising trend.