Hollow Rivet

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Shanghai Jinrui Norm Parts Supplies Co.,Ltd is one of the leading hollow rivet manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to buy hollow rivets, rivet nuts, types of rivets from our factory and company.

Jinrui is an ambitions company. Jinrui ensures to provide continuous high quality products and services through continuous updating and improvement of equipment. Now there are dozens of cold heading machines, thread rolling machines and nut machines for cold heading, and hot head machines, lathes, etc for hot heading and machining. Jinrui can meet customers various demands for fasteners from small to large, from simple to complex, from standard to non-standard


Shoulder Rivets, Flat Head Rivets, Acorn Rivets, Button Head Rivets, Cone Head Rivets, Countersunk Rivets, Swell Neck Rivets, Steeple Head Rivets


Steel/ Aluminum/ Stainless Steel/ Plastics/ Copper/ Brass


Aircraft, aerospace, precision electronics, appliances, automotive, brake, furniture, consumer products and recreational vehicles.