Full Thread Stud

DIN975 Stainless Steel Full Thread Stud Bolt Threaded Rod

DIN975 Stainless Steel Full Thread Stud Bolt Threaded Rod
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Our availability to our customers' needs and precise after-sales service have made our Stud rod ISO9001:2008, GB carriage bolts, hot rolled alloy steel wire a worldwide reputation. Our company is committed to creating a research, production and marketing system with its own characteristics. Innovation is the source and power of circular economy development. Our company always puts innovation in the top position of the company's development.

Product Feature

The threads of our ASME ANSI Full Thread Stud is matched with nuts and washers for two connected parts through holes. One end of the welding stud is welded to the surface of the connected part, and the threaded passes through the connected part, and then a washer is fitted, so that the two connected parts are connected as a whole, with high and reliable performance.


Product Description

The ASME ANSI Full Thread Stud is ideal used for the connection between two steel connected parts, with high and reliable performance. In addition, there are various kinds of model option, providing more choices to meet need. The former connection piece has an internally threaded hole, and the latter connection piece also has a through hole.





Order information requirments

ASME ANSI full thread stud

ASME B18.31.2

A193 B7 stud

Thread diameter


A193 B8 stud


A193 B16 stud






 Shanghai Jinrui Norm Parts Supplies Co.,ltd

 Shanghai Jinrui Norm Parts Supplies Co.,ltd

Due to the excellent and reliable production equipments and the advanced technologies, we could produce quality assured DIN975 Stainless Steel Full Thread Stud Bolt Threaded Rod which completely meets various standards. Welcome your inquiry! Since the establishment of the company, we have grasped the pulse of the times, scientifically selected the strategic direction, and insisted on the benefit-oriented business philosophy. The interaction between consumers has been strengthened unprecedentedly, and the leading role of our company's consumers in our company's brand creation is increasingly prominent.
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