Double Ends Stud

ASME ANSI Double Ends Stud

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Product Details

Product Feature

When the main body and the accessories are directly connected, our ASME ANSI Double Ends Stud can be a very convenient way for replacement. There is no doubt that it plays an important role in industries and fields such as automobiles, tractors, home appliances, instrumentation, aerospace, and communications. 

Product Description

The ASME ANSI Double Ends Stud can be an ideal tool widely used for large-scale equipment and accessories that need to be installed, such as sight glasses, mechanical seals, reduction gears, etc. In addition, it can be screwed into the main body at one end, and the other end is equipped with a nut after the accessories are installed, with high and reliable performance. There are various kinds of model option, providing more choices to meet need.